NAD+: (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

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Do you have feelings of general fatigue, lack of motivation and decrease in clarity?  This may be due to a decrease of a naturally occurring co-enzyme made by our bodies called: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide- NAD+

NAD+ is necessary to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This compound is what the body uses for fuel. This treatment helps improve the necessary levels of NAD+ within the cell to help fight general fatigue at the cellular level.

This treatment is also been used in addiction recovery (press “learn more” to learn more about NAD+ treatments for Addiction therapy) 



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NAD Nasal Spray: 
NAD+ and L-Carnosine levels decline naturally with age, which can lead to fatigue, cognitive decline, & reduced metabolic function. NAD+ Aids DNA repair, promotes cellular energy & Supports metabolic functions. L-Carnosine is a natural potent antioxidant that is effective against oxidative stress. It also helps remove Lactic Acid and thus increases strength, endurance & recovery. Use this spray daily and watch your energy levels and cognition improve!

  • NAD Nasal Spray 300mg/ml 15ml- $300
  • NAD+ Elite Nasal Spray 300mg/ml with L-Carnosine and Exosomes 15ml- $550

NAD+ is a naturally occurring co-enzyme of niacin that helps cells in our bodies produce energy. It does so by converting the energy we get from food into cellular energy which is called ATP. It is advertised as a therapeutic treatment to give more energy, reverse aging and aid in conquering addictions. NAD+ therapy assists with brain function, DNA repair, and repair signals between molecules for cellular communication.

Treatment programs for substance abuse disorders are adapting a process to add lab produced NAD+ as an adjunct in the therapy process. They do this because it boosts the levels of NAD+ in the body. When a person uses alcohol and drugs, they deplete the NAD+ levels in their bodies. Since NAD+ is responsible for energy production, they have a decreased drive to exercise. Decreased exercise means decreased endorphins… and the vicious cycle continues. To boost endorphins, in turn, adding NAD+ therapy increases energy production, thus increasing endorphins and ultimately feeling good without having to get “high”. Most patients need multiple infusions to feel maximum effects. Oftentimes, as individuals enjoy the pleasant feelings, they are less inclined to abuse substances. The results vary from patient to patient. Infusion times can range from 2-6 hours.

It also is very beneficial to those who haven’t suffered from an addiction of any kind. It aids in these, and many more, functions to the body:

• reverse aging
• improve appearance
• restore muscle function
• restore athletic performance
• reduce fatigue
• boost energy levels
• cellular defense, resilience and repair
• boost metabolism.
• prevent damage to DNA

An infusion for benefits of Anti-Aging isn’t as lengthy as someone looking for rehabilitation and can be sold as a regular treatment appointment, receiving a “top off” every 6 to 8 weeks. Usually infusion takes 2-3 hours.

Dose: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1250mg

Normal Saline:
Saline solution is a mixture of salt and water. Normal saline solution contains 0.9 percent sodium chloride (salt),
which is similar to the sodium concentration in blood and tears. Normal Saline is typically used for fluid and
electrolyte replenishment for intravenous administration. Normal Saline belongs to a class of drugs called Crystalloid Fluid.


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